How To Find The Right House

4 Things to Hide Before You Start Showcasing Your Home

When selling your home, it's best to be honest with potential buyers. However, that does not mean you should not present your home in the best possible light. To avoid turning off the pickiest of buyers, there are a few things you should consider hiding before you start showing your home. The litter box. If you have cats, make sure the litter box is well hidden. Put it under a staircase in the basement, in the corner of a spare bathroom that's rarely used, or even in the mud room or enclosed patio. Read More 

Three Home-Value Boosting Items To Look For When Buying A Home

When buying a home, there are many different things to look for that will boost its value. The following three are among the most popular of these items. Looking out for them when buying a home ensures it has a value worth the investment. Vinyl Windows When buying a home, it is important to check out the windows to gauge whether they are the original windows or if they are vinyl replacement windows. Read More 

Three Things Not To Overlook When Buying A Condo

If you plan to buy a condo, inspect everything before the purchase is final. Condos are ideal for home buyers who desire more amenities with less maintenance on their part, but an inspection differs from regular residential homes. Home buyers may know to check for things like water damage, mold, and construction, but there are several other things to check. Here are three things to not overlook when you plan to buy a condo. Read More 

Tips For Making The Most Of A Video Walkthrough

Including a video walkthrough of your home when you list it for sale can be an effective way to give prospective buyers a feel for the interior of your residence. In an age in which many people carry smartphones, you can easily hold the phone, walk through your home, and make some commentary about what people are seeing. In order for this form of media to be an asset to your online listing, however, you'll want to keep a number of tips in mind. Read More 

Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent About Comparable Properties For Sale

Listing your home for sale often means that you'll be interested in learning about other homes in your community that have sold recently. You can expect your real estate agent to compile a list of comparable homes that you can then use to decide how to price your property. This list will include factors about each home such as its sale price, year of construction, and square footage. To compare your home against these homes, thus helping you and your agent decide on a perfect listing price, here are some questions that you'll want to ask. Read More