How To Protect A Vacant Home While It’s For Sale

Trying to sell a vacant home can not only be more difficult to do, but it can be risky. Anytime a home is vacant, it is prey to criminals. If someone ends up breaking into your vacant home, they can steal things from it and leave it with major damage. As you try to sell a vacant home, you will need to take some steps to make it more enticing to buyers, but you should also take some steps to make sure it is protected from criminals while no one is living there. Here are some ideas that might help you with this.

Let the neighbors know

If your home has neighbors nearby and if you know them, let them know that the house will be vacant for a while. By letting them know, they can keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. If suspicious activity is detected soon, it could help prevent major problems or crime from happening in the house.

Set lights on timers

Using timers to turn your lights on and off is a great idea if you want to keep criminals out of your house. Criminals tend to gravitate towards vacant homes and buildings. If you have lights go on and off frequently, the house may look less vacant. You may also want to install motion-sensor lights that automatically turn on when they detect movement. This too can keep people away from the home.

In addition, keeping lights on outside the home at night can be a good way to push people away. A burglar is more likely to sneak inside a home when it is really dark outside, and this will not be possible if you keep your exterior lights on.

Keep the windows covered

Covering the windows with blinds or curtains is also important, because it will prevent people from looking inside and seeing that no one lives there. In addition, make sure all the windows are locked and secure. You should also update any door locks that might not be strong enough to keep people out.

Check the house often

You should also go to the home often to check it. When you are there, you should make sure everything is working right and that all the doors and windows are locked. You can also make sure the home is clean and that the temperature is comfortable.

If you have any questions relating to selling or protecting a vacant home that is for sale, talk to a real estate agency, like Sell My House STL, today.