Tips To Help You Flip A Home That Start With The Outside

If you're getting into the business of flipping homes, you are going to become used to buying houses that are not in the best shape.  Being successful at flipping a home will mean making judgment calls on what things should be repaired or upgraded to get the most bang for your buck.  Here are some tips that can help ensure a successful flip starting with the outside of the house.

Home Exterior Tips

A home that has a rough looking exterior will be difficult to sell.  It's often the very first impression a person gets of a home, and can turn a person off to a home if is it not looking great.

If the house has a painted exterior, you'll want to make sure that there are not any places where the paint is chipping away.  The paint must not look dirty either.  Thankfully, small areas are easy to touch up on your own, and shouldn't cost that much to do.  If the exterior is covered with all sorts of paint problems, it may require professional help to get the job done right.  Now will also be the time to paint the home a new color that will be more appealing to buyers.

Your home's front door will need to be inviting too, so be prepared to paint that as well.  You want the door to match the exterior, or use a color that provides some contrast.  For instance, a grey colored home could have a bold colored door on it. 

Don't forget to stage the exterior.  Have an enclosed porch? Place some chairs and a table in it to make it look like a home.

Landscaping Tips

Curb appeal can also be improved with some basic landscaping.  Any existing shrubs should be trimmed so they're in a uniform shape.  For gardens, use mulch to give the appearance that the area has been cared for. Stay away from planting a large garden, since buyers may be turned off to the care that it requires. Fill empty spaces with annuals, or place flowerpots in the garden that add as decoration, but can easily be moved.

For the flowers that you use, stick to fragrant ones that looks pretty, since it will impact a buyers sense of smell as they approach the home.  You can use lilac, peony, or dianthus if you like.

Looking for more tips for selling your home? Speak to a realtor before you get ready to list it.  They can let you know of the latest real estate trends in the area. For more information, contact a business such as Spears & Co Real Estate.