2 Ways To Get An Overall Feeling About A Senior Apartment Complex Before Deciding To Live There

If you have reached the age that your house has gotten too big for you to handle or you wish to be around other people your own age, you may have started looking around at apartments for seniors. With so many options, you may be having difficulty deciding on how to choose one with the atmosphere that fits your needs.

Aside from speaking with each apartment complex's manager and sales representative about features, activities, and the benefits of living there, you should also schedule a tour. During the tour, there are a couple of things that you can do to help you get an overall feeling about the complex before deciding to live there. 

1. Look for Staff and Resident Interactions That Are Located Away from the Tour Group

One way you can get an overall feeling of the senior complex while taking your personal tour is to look for interactions that are outside of the tour group. If you are the only one touring, this group will involve you, any loved ones that have accompanied you, and the sales staff who will be on their best behavior.

To get a real feeling for how the staff interacts with the residents, look for people away from the tour group. Ideally, the interaction should be a positive one, letting you know that the staff and residents get along. 

2. Pay Attention to the Body Language of the People Who Already Live There

Another thing you should do while touring the apartment complex is to observe the people already living there. While casually watching them, pay particular attention to their body language.

If they have a happy demeanor and their muscles seem relaxed, this gives off a feeling that they are content with living at the facilities. While not everyone will be happy all of the time, a majority of the people that you meet, speak with, or simply observe should give off an overall feeling of happiness and contentment.

While you are taking your tour, paying attention to how the staff and residents interact can help give you a feeling of how relaxed the atmosphere is at the complex. You can also get a general feeling of how happy the people are who already live there by paying attention to their body language. To set up a personal tour, contact a senior apartment complex and speak with a sales representative to make an appointment.

For more information on senior apartment complexes, contact a professional near you.