6 Things To Know About The Marriott Destination Points Program

If you're looking for a flexible way to enjoy luxurious vacation stays, you should consider buying into the destination points program, such as through Mariott. You should familiarize yourself with how this program works to see if it's suitable for your vacation planning needs.

Here are six important things to know about the Destination Points program:

Planning ahead is essential.

Booking as early as possible is the best way to successfully schedule a vacation at the location and during the season desired. You can book as much as a year in advance with the program if you have at least enough points to book an entire week at a resort. 

There are different ownership levels in the program.

Those buying into the program are classified at various levels depending on how many points they have purchased. The three levels are standard, premier, and premier plus. 

An owner's ownership level determines how much vacation time they get at particular location and when they are able to make reservations. Those with the highest ownership level- premier plus- will enjoy the greatest amount of freedom in making reservations at their resort of choice. 

Four different resort collections are included in the program.

The flexibility of the program comes from the fact that so many resorts are included. For example, with Mariott there are four separate collections of resorts included in the program. They include the Marriott Vacation Club Collection, the World Traveler Collection, the Marriott Collection, and the Explorer Collection. 

You get a certain amount of points each year.

As a member of the program, you'll be allotted a certain amount of points each year. You can use these points to schedule your vacation that year. 

You can bank points for future years or borrow points from future years.

If you are unable to vacation a certain year, you are able to save up your points and use them down the road. If you want to take a big vacation in a given year and don't yet have enough points for it, you can borrow against the points you will earn in future years. 

Cancellations or changes to reservations can be made a few months in advance.

The program is flexible and does allow for cancellations or reservation changes as long as they are made at least a couple months in advance. It may be required for the owner to pay a very small fee if reservation changes are made depending on the dates and the location of the reservation. 

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