Four Characteristics To Look For In A College Apartment Community Manager

Apartments that are close to a college is going to attract college students and some professors. The needs of a college based apartment can be different than a community that attracts a variety community. This also means that the community manager will need to have specific characteristics to cater to those who live in your community. Here are four character traits to look for in apartment community managers:

A lot of patience

Most college students who move in an apartment community will be experiencing their first time living alone. Some of them will be figuring out how to maintain an apartment and pay bills on their own. Other students may have parents that are very involved in the process and will often call the office to check the status of the apartment, payments, and more. The community manager of an apartment near a college campus will need to have a patient demeanor in order to best aid customers experiencing apartment living for the first time. 

Diligent about the building

Having parties is a college student staple. Though quiet parties are fine, they can cause damage to the building at times, especially with litter. The community manager for the apartment complex will need to be diligent about checking the common areas of the community. This includes the courtyards, the common areas, and the hallways of the apartments. Any damage, such as holes in the walls or stains, should be immediately assessed and dealt with by calling maintenance. 

Be swift with paperwork

Changes in an apartment community with college students can happen quickly. Students may have a roommate move out and find a new one. Many students may attempt to sublet during the summer when they finish classes and head home. The apartment manager will need to be quick with paperwork preparation and move quickly with filing any paperwork. This will keep the community structured and make sure that the corporate office is always aware of any community changes. 

Great marketing skills

Finding the perfect balance between offering good prices and excellent living value can be hard, especially when there are many housing choices in the area. A good community manager will know how to market to the colleges in the area, college students and parents, along with professors and visitors. The marketing can include going to community fair days at the college, mailing out brochures to incoming freshmen, and well-made advertisements being placed online.