Tips For Making The Most Of A Video Walkthrough

Including a video walkthrough of your home when you list it for sale can be an effective way to give prospective buyers a feel for the interior of your residence. In an age in which many people carry smartphones, you can easily hold the phone, walk through your home, and make some commentary about what people are seeing. In order for this form of media to be an asset to your online listing, however, you'll want to keep a number of tips in mind. The following points will all combine to make your video walkthrough more visually appealing to house shoppers.

Use A Stabilizer

If you've ever watched someone's home video shot on a smartphone and been unimpressed with how shaky the picture is, you'll know the importance of having a stable shot. You can achieve this goal with steady hands, but a simpler strategy is to invest in an image stabilizer. This device essentially consists of a handle and a mount for your smartphone, and carrying the phone in this manner will greatly improve the stability of your video. This will increase the likelihood that viewers will continue watching with interest, rather than get aggravated over the shaky footage.

Shoot In Landscape Mode

When shooting with a smartphone, you want to put your phone in landscape mode; in other words, the phone should be held horizontally. In this perspective, the phone closely matches the layout of a computer monitor, giving the viewer a full image of each of the rooms of your home. Conversely, holding the phone vertically and shooting in portrait mode will give viewers a tall, thin video that covers just a fraction of their screen. This isn't an effective way to give them a sense of walking through your home.

Keep Talking To A Minimum

You might be eager to talk about every feature of your home during the walkthrough, but too much of a running commentary can risk annoying the prospective buyer. Less is definitely more when you're talking during this video. You should feel free to introduce each room — for example, "Now we're walking into the dining room," but you don't need to fill each passing second with dialog. If there's something that is warranted to share, you can feel free. For example, when standing at the bay window in the dining room, you might wish to briefly say that the window was installed last year and has a 10-year warranty.

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