Want A Customizable Home For Rent? 3 Things To Ask A Potential Landlord

Owning a home comes with a huge perk in being able to make changes until you are completely satisfied with its qualities and the features that it possesses. Homeownership also comes with routine maintenance and unexpected problems, two things that you do not have to worry about when renting a place. One of the disadvantages of renting is your inability to make many changes to the property. If you would like to enjoy such capabilities, you need to ask real estate professionals and potential landlords about reasonable customization options.

Painting the House

It is understandable to want to paint your rental home. A 12-month lease should give a landlord enough confidence to allow this to happen, especially when you offer to paint it back. If you happen to sign a 24-month lease, a potential landlord will likely feel even better about the prospect of painting. In some situations, they may be willing to pay to paint it back to its original color after you move out. The longer you stay, the greater the chance you have of this happening, but it is not something to necessarily rely on.

Changing the Landscape

Some landlords may be okay with you adjusting the landscape. If you are starting on a blank slate, they may even encourage you to work on the yard as it will improve the overall appeal of the property. It may be possible to partner up with them in a sense to start growing trees or bushes that will grow for many years. You just need to start the conversation to see how they feel about adjusting the landscape. If there is already a mostly full landscape, they may be willing to give you a small area for growing.

Switching Out Hardware

A pretty simple change that you should be able to make is switching out the hardware. The only thing you may need to worry about is making sure the new hardware does not require creating new holes. A landlord may not want new holes made all throughout their kitchen and bathrooms. You may want to discuss with them your ideas for hardware because they may be willing to help financially. If it makes their house look more appealing, they will be more open to the idea of upgrading it as you are moving in.

These are just some examples of things that you may be able to change when renting a home, but do not hesitate to bring up the idea when meeting with landlords before turning in applications.