2 Tips For Helping Your Real Estate Agent Find You The Perfect House

If you are looking to make a move and have enlisted a real estate agent to help you find your new home, then your agent will do their best to help make you happy. Real estate agents know that leaving customers happy and satisfied is the key to gaining new clients through word-of-mouth. However, even the most dedicated real estate agent needs a little help from you to determine which houses to show you and which are so far from what you want that it would be a waste of your time to have you look at them. Follow these two tips to help your real estate agent find you a home that you love quickly and efficiently. 

1. Provide Your Agent with Lists of Home Features You Do and Don't Want

No real estate agent is a mind reader, and to help you find your dream home, your agent needs to know exactly what home features you desire and don't desire. After all, one person can love a specific home feature while another may hate it.

Give your agent lists of what you do and don't want in your home, while being sure to note which features you want you are willing to sacrifice if an amazing home at a great price comes on the market that lacks the feature (you can use the money you save on the home to remodel!). 

Here are a few lists you should make and why: 

  1. Needs. Your Needs list should contain features you don't just want in your new home, but are absolutely essential. This list gives your agent an idea of which home listings to not even consider presenting to you. Needs may include a range of square footage, a minimum number of bedrooms for your family, and other absolute essential features of your new home. 
  2. Wants. This list will contain features you find very desirable in a home, but you may be willing to sacrifice for an amazing home on the market that meets all of your other desired criteria. Possible wants include certain types of flooring, a master bathroom with his and her sinks, and a fenced in yard for your dog to enjoy. 
  3. Dislikes. This list can contain all home features that you have had in the past or just know exist that you are just not into. While these shouldn't be deal-breakers, this list can help your agent get an idea of the style of home you desire. 
  4. Deal-breakers. This list should only contain home features or specs that you feel your home absolutely cannot have. When making this list, avoid adding features you don't like that would be easy to remove if the rest of a home was perfect for you. You don't want your agent to immediately nix a home listing due to it containing a deal-breaker that would be easy to change once you bought the home. 

After you make your lists, email them to your agent. They can save you time when they help your agent immediately determine whether they should show you a new home listing on the market or not. 

2. Send Your Agent Photos of Homes You Love

Do you become confused when your agent asks you what style of home you desire, because you just don't know all of the home design lingo? Or is there a style of kitchen you have fallen in love with but just don't know how to describe it? Don't worry, because you don't have to study architecture and home design to learn all of the terms to help your agent find your dream home. Just browse the internet and when you find a photo of a home style or home feature you love, save it. Then, once you have a few photos saved, send them to your real estate agent. Make sure to add a note with each photo that explains exactly what about the home in the photo you love. 

Don't worry that your agent will find your photos a nuisance, because they won't! Having photos of homes that you find appealing will actually save your agent a lot of time; they can use the photos to learn more about your personal style, even when you can't express it in words, and then have a great idea whether you will be interested in a home listing before they even show it to you. 

Your real estate agent is dedicated to helping you find a new home you love, but it can be difficult for them to do that when they don't understand exactly what you do and don't want in a home. Follow these two tips to help your agent find you a new home you will love more quickly while saving both you and your agent time during the process.