Ask Your Real Estate About These Things That Can Speed Up A Sale In A Slow Market

If you're listing your house for sale but the market in your community is slow, it's ideal to list with a high-volume agent who has a vast network of people who can share your listing. Beyond this type of networking, there are certain things that you'll want to talk about with your real estate agent to speed up the selling process. In some cases, you might wish to act on these ideas right away; other times, you may choose to give the listing a few weeks or a month to see what type of interest in garners. Here are some things that can definitely speed up the sale of your home.

Virtual Walk-Throughs

Many real estate agents are including virtual walk-through tours on their sites, so this is a service worth discussing with your agent. While good photos can definitely provide prospective buyers a chance to see how your home looks inside, a virtual walk-through gives them a chance to truly get a feel for your home from the comfort of their computer or smartphone. In many cases, buyers who aren't overly excited by the photos alone will get interested in a home based on the walk-through, which can increase the potential of you selling your home more quickly.

Quick Upgrades

There are often a number of quick upgrades that can be made, either just before the house is listed for sale or after a period of time in which it hasn't sold, that can help to improve the look of the house. Many real estate agents use staging professionals, for example, who can transform the look of the house to make it more appealing to a broader audience. Additionally, the real estate agent might suggest hiring an organizing company to remove some of the clutter; a cluttered home can often look smaller than it actually is, which may scare some prospective buyers away.

More Open Houses

Increasing the frequency of your open houses can be an effective way to sell your home more quickly. If you're on a schedule of just one open house every two weeks, for example, it can be beneficial to talk to your real estate agent about potentially having open houses weekly, or even two per week. If the agent is too busy, he or she might have an assistant who could be present at these events to talk to prospective buyers and tout the benefits of your house.