Strategies For Dealing With Problem Tenants

If you have a problem tenant that's causing you a lot of trouble, there are several ways that you can get them to either be more cooperative or vacate the premises. Here are some of the best options for managing problem behavior with tenants. 

Communicate Expectations

Sometimes, problem behavior simply springs from a lack of communication and understanding of your expectations. You might simply want to talk with your tenant about the house rules and hope that they improve. It helps if you can point to specific clauses in your lease which spell out the rules. 

Give Warnings

If tenants don't cooperate willingly, then the next thing to do would be to give a more stern warning. This may help the tenant to see that you are serious about the rule violation and are willing to take legal action. If you are reluctant to evict the tenant and deal with finding a replacement, then try a written warning to elicit some action from your tenant. 

Bring In Reinforcement

Dealing with problem tenants can be draining. Sometimes it helps to bring in a professional to handle claims with bad tenants. Property management companies may be the answer; a property manager could show that you are serious about correcting problems. The property manager likely has more experience working out solutions with bad tenants and presenting your message in a compelling way. They understand the rights of both the tenants and the property owner, so they can find the best solution to protect your interests. They can also handle the eviction process for you, if it comes to that. 


Eviction is an option if the problem cannot be fixed. Consult your local rules about eviction. They may require you to give the tenant several days' notice to fix the problem if it's something curable. Otherwise, legal proceedings begin, and you may be eligible to have the tenant pay the full remainder of their lease despite being evicted. In other cases, you can waste a lot of resources and lose considerable amounts of rent during the eviction process. A property manager can help you speed the proceedings along and get a favorable review in court. 

Prepare for Next Time

Once you have a bad experience with a tenant, you may decide to rework your lease and create more explicit rules. It pays to consult a professional, such as those found at Taylor Realty, when deciding which clauses will keep your property safe and help you avoid bad tenants in the future.