Not Loving Your Home? 3 Legitimate Reasons to Look for Another House to Buy

What you liked five years ago may no longer apply today. So, when you initially became a homeowner, you may have been more than satisfied with what your home was able to provide. It is not unreasonable for this feeling to go away, especially when your living circumstances have drastically changed. Some of your family and friends may suggest staying in the same home and working things out from within, but you should know a number of legitimate reasons to start looking for different real estate to purchase.


Some neighborhoods are stable, while others are unpredictable. It is even possible for stable neighborhoods to transition into unpredictable ones when something major happens. If you thought you were living in a steady area, but the past few years have proven otherwise, you may have lost your initial love and attachment for the neighborhood and may want to start anew somewhere else. Although you can put effort into making changes, you may not be up for a challenge that could take years of dedication. During the house hunt, you should look for details like high homeownership rates and low crime rates.

Home Size

It is easy for a large home or a small home to get in the way of your satisfaction. If you were raising several kids who have now moved out on their own, you may not need such a large place to live. It will cost a decent amount of money to maintain such a large property, so it may be better to move into a smaller home. A similar scenario can happen to those who are interested in getting more use out of their house. Maybe you want to run a vacation rental, but you need an extra bedroom or a basement to make it happen. It might make sense to leave your small home and look for one that has higher square footage.

Multiple Stories

If you are growing older or have endured a serious injury in the past few years, you may be thinking ahead about your overall strength and ability to scale up a staircase several times per day. The wear and tear this can put on your body can be tough to handle on a daily basis, especially as your body ages. Also, with over 2.5 million injuries related to falling of just seniors being treated in the ER each year, the risk is worth taking seriously. Moving into a single-story home will give you a home that is safer to live in as the years pass.

Selling your home and moving is often a scary thought, but you should feel confident about making such a decision when you have a genuine reason that will benefit you immediately or in the future.