Tips To Boost Curb Appeal After A Hot, Dry Summer

At the end of a long, hot summer, many properties will look dusty, dry and uninviting. If your home is on the market when this happens, improving your home's curb appeal will help your home standout to buyers. The following tips will help you refresh the appearance of your property at the end of the summer.

Wash Dust From the House

Use a strong jet of water from a hose to wash the dust and grit from off of your home's siding. To remove caked-on dirt or dried mud, use a long-handled scrub brush and mild detergent. Remember to rinse when you're finished, because this will help wash away any remaining dirt before the water dries. Finally, wash your home's windows with equal parts vinegar and water and a microfiber cloth. Sparkling windows will help project the appearance of cleanliness.

Tear Out Dead Shrubs and Plants

Some of your landscaping plants may have died over the course of the summer. If these plants are still on your property, now is the time to remove them. Use pruning sheers and a small shovel to dig out dry plants and shrubs, then be sure to throw away the debris. Sweep up any dirt on your property's sidewalks when you're finished.

Plant Fresh Flowers

Don't leave bare, empty spaces in your home's flower beds. Plant new autumn-blooming flowers in the place of the plants you just removed. Water them daily as they adjust to the new environment, especially if temperatures outside are still very warm.


Mulch your home's garden beds to make them look uniform and tidy. Mulch also helps hold in moisture, which can help your new plants and shrubs as they become established in their new locations.

Refresh the Grass

Many homes have brown, crunchy grass by the end of the summer. To make your home stand out, refresh your grass with regular waterings. You may need to water your grass daily at first just to get it to grow again, but once your grass starts to look green, you can reduce the frequency of these waterings to every other day. Water your grass in the early morning or after dark to prevent the water from evaporating. Once the grass starts to grow and turn green again, mow it regularly.

Following these tips will help your home standout from other homes for sale in your community. For more information about how you can boost your home's curb appeal in the late summer or early fall, talk to a skilled real estate agent in your area.