Qualities Your Real Estate Agent Must Have

When you're selling your home, having the right real estate agent can take a lot of the legwork out of the process. Here are some qualities that your real estate agent must have to be successful.  

They Give a Reasonable Value Estimate

A great real estate agent knows how to price homes. This eliminates the frustration of not being able to sell your property, and it also keeps you from selling your home too low. If you're unsure what value your home has, then it can help to ask a few different agents how much they would price your home for. Any agent that comes in drastically high or low can be eliminated from the pool. 

They Know the Local Market

Your agent should also know the local market well. They need to have the experience that allows them to understand what local buyers are looking for. For instance, what local features do homebuyers gravitate towards, and how can you market your home to be appealing to those users? Are there any special inspection requirements that your buyers will be looking for, such as a flood elevation certificate? Ask each real estate agent for advice on what your buyers will want. 

They're In Your Niche 

Your home may not be appealing to all buyers everywhere. It pays to take time to understand who would be interested in your home, and then look for a real estate agent who has experience selling to those types of people. Would your home appeal more to a young couple who's looking to start a family in a reasonably-priced neighborhood, or an established professional who's into luxury amenities and comfort?

They Know How to Market

Finally, understanding how to market a place is critical to success at selling. The most-used platforms are changing quickly in real estate, so your agent should be hop to the places that people are looking for homes right now. You might want to research this a bit yourself before shopping for an agent, so that you can check their knowledge before you hire. 

They should understand how to put together an attractive marketing package as well. They may have photoshop and design skills themselves, or they may be able to hire a trusted professional to put together a visually appealing listing for you. Either way, look for examples of their past work to make sure you're not getting a dud.