Three Things To Check Before You Move Into An Apartment

When you are searching to lease an apartment, you need to carefully study out your options, and choose an apartment that meets all of your needs. Remember that an apartment is more than just a place to lay your head. Make a list of the most important criteria you require and stick to that list.  

Check the Cupboards

Whenever you consider an apartment, take the time to conduct a thorough inspection. Mice and insects, for example, like to live in dark, out-of-the-way places. While your first instinct when looking at cupboards may be to decide if their style melds with your own personal style and if there is room for all of your dishes and kitchen gadgets, you need to look in the dark corners of the cupboards for signs of rodent and insect droppings. The insect droppings will be about the size of pepper flakes, and the rodent droppings will be about the size of grains of coffee. While signs that insects and rodents are present is not reason to immediately move on to a new apartment, you will want to make the landlord aware, so they can call an exterminator. 

Consider the Amenities

When you look at an apartment, you need to look at more than just the space within the apartment, you also need to consider that amenities come along with it. Swimming pool, laundry room, exercise room, golf course access, barbecue equipment, covered parking—the price of an apartment can come along with access to these and other amenities. If the price is right, a plethora of amenities may make up for a smaller apartment. 

The Neighborhood

An apartment complex will not likely come with every amenity that you could possibly need. Restaurants, shopping, entertainment opportunities, and other nearby businesses can add to the allure of an apartment. If you find an apartment that comes with a ton of amenities but it lies far away from the restaurants and other business you like to frequent, the amenities may not make up for it. Depending on what your inclinations are, you might decide that paying a higher price to live in a desirable neighborhood is worth it. 

Remember when you pay for an apartment, you are paying for far more than the space contained within its walls. Thus, while you should carefully examine everything inside the walls of your apartment, you should also look at the features the apartment complex offers as well as the amenities offered by the surrounding neighborhood. Take as much time as you can to make a careful choice, and you will be rewarded for your efforts with an apartment that you can thoroughly enjoy.