Three Home Trends Driving Homes For Sale This Year

If you are looking to sell your home this year, there are a handful of trends driving the most successful sales. Some of these trends in homes for sale may be difficult or expensive remodeling projects when you do not already have certain items in your home. However, there are some trends which may be doable and affordable on a smaller budget, and they may just drive the value of your home up enough to cover their expense. Here are just three of these trends, how you can install them in your home, and why they will attract a larger number of buyers to your home.


Copper sinks and copper fixtures are on point right now. Buyers who want copper faucets, copper fixtures, copper sinks and copper pipes in their plumbing want it not only because it looks stylish, but because it has some natural anti-bacterial properties. Parents who are worried about germs/super-germs like the idea that their fixtures and plumbing can prevent bacteria from entering the home or collecting in places (like the bathroom and kitchen) where it is most likely to collect. If you do not have any copper in your house at all, switching out the sinks, faucets and spigots in your bathrooms and kitchen is one of the less expensive copper transformations and may even garner a higher sale price in the end.


Walk-in closets and walk-in pantries never seem to go out of style. Homebuyers really seem to gravitate toward the notion of walking into a large space and selecting something delicious, fun, pretty, etc. and then walking back out. (If you also have cedar walk-ins for clothes, that seems to be a very popular amenity too.) If you do not have any walk-ins in your home, a little remodeling might be the thing you need to convert a small master bedroom closet into a walk-in and get homebuyers excited when they tour your house.

Water Sustainability/Green Homes

Water sustainability in places where there is a near-constant drought is a driving factor for many homebuyers, as are "green" homes. If you have any amenities that conserve water or energy in your home, have your real estate agent emphasize these features to homebuyers who are interested. If you do not have any of these amenities, the least expensive conversions you can make are low-flow shower heads, low-flow toilets, energy-saving light bulbs, tankless water heaters and outdoor solar lighting.