Moving A Wooden Swing Set To A New Property

If your child has a swing set in your yard, and you are going to be moving to a new home in the near future, you will most likely want to bring it along rather than leave it behind for new homeowners. Since this is a bulky piece of equipment, there are several steps that need to be taken well in advance of moving day. Here are some tips for you to use when disassembling and packing your child's swing set for transit.

Making Preparations

Before doing anything else, find out zoning laws at your new property. If the swing set is too large for your land, it will need to stay behind. If it meets specification, take several photographs of it while it is assembled. This will help you reassemble it easier as you will have the photographs to look at while doing so. The pictures will also come in handy in the unlikely chance something breaks in transit. If the job seems too large, you may be able to hire someone to disassemble the swing set for you. Call the manufacturer to see if they offer this service, if you are interested.

Disassembling The Swing Set

If the swing set is mounted into concrete, you will need a jack hammer to remove it. It is best to remove a swing set that is set into the ground during warmer months as cool temperatures will make the ground hard to penetrate.

After the swing set is removed from the ground, place a piece of tape on each side of a frame joint and mark it with matching numbers, letters or symbols using a marker. This way you can put the swing set back together without fumbling through instructions. 

Add a corrosion solvent to each bolt and let it sit for several minutes so any rusted portions will disappear. Remove all swings, slides, or other ride-on toys from the unit and set aside for packing. Remove bolts and replace them in their holes after any cross beams are removed.

Packing For Moving

Wrap each ride-on toy with a blanket and place in its own individual box to reduce the chance of scratching while the vehicle is moving. The large beams will need to be wrapped individually with bubble wrap or blankets. Secure the covering around the piece using packing tape. Add a label to each piece of the swing set so movers will know they are outdoor equipment not to be put inside the home when they arrive. Contact moving companies for more help.