Tips To Security Risks At Your Business

Securing your business can sometimes be a complicated affair. Unless your business is open 24/7, there are moments in which no one is on-site. Here are some ways you can ensure the security of your property and products. 

Limit Key Distribution

Unless you are physically available to open the doors at your business each time your employees need access, you will need to give someone you trust a key. However, you should try to limit the number of keys that are in circulation. To protect your business, try to only have one or two keys reserved to give to employees to open and close the business. Do check-ins with the employees occasionally to ensure the keys are accounted for. 

You can also limit what the keys access. For instance, you could only hand out keys that can open the business but do not allow access to your office or the supply closet. A commercial locksmith can help you identify the different areas that could get separate keys and ensure they are keyed with different locks. 

Install Safes and Establish a Storage Policy

One of the activities that could put the safety of your employees and your business at risk is having large amounts of money readily accessible. The idea of going to the bank several times a day to make deposits is not always feasible, so you need to ensure you have at least one safe installed in which money can be placed periodically throughout the day.

There are many options available for a safe, including a time-lock safe. The time-lock safe would only open during a certain period of day. Employees could still make deposits through a special slot, but the money within will be inaccessible until the time you designate. A locksmith could not only help with the installation, but with choosing the right safe for your business. 

If you do opt for a safe with a key control, ensure that it is patented so that it cannot be duplicated. The door to the room in which the safe is stored also needs to be outfitted with an electronic access control or high security locks. 

There are many other ways you can make your business safer. A commercial locksmith can help access your security needs and provide logical solutions that fit within your budget. By taking precautions now, you leave your business less vulnerable to inside and outside security threats.  For more information on lock smith services, contact a company like Irvine Lock & Key.