Does Your Property Rental Qualify For Section 8?

If you are looking to rent a piece of property that you own, there are many considerations to make, including whether or not you want to accept those who would be searching for section 8 rental properties. Under section 8, renters qualify to have a large portion of their rent paid for them by the government, which is based on their income and other expenses, such as child care. You may want to accept section 8 tenants since you will definitely receive the portion of rent from the government, and so long as the tenant appears to be responsible enough to pay their portion of the rent, you will always receive the full month's rent. However, before you allow any section 8 tenant to move in, you will want to be sure that your property rental qualifies. Here's what the qualifications are:

  • Bedrooms Must Have Two Exits: All bedrooms in the rental property must have two ways in and out in the case of an emergency. This means the bedroom should at least have a door and a window. You also cannot list a property as a two bedroom if one of those rooms cannot be considered a bedroom since it does not have the two exit and enter points that are required. 
  • Sanitary Bathroom: The bathroom must have a proper working flush toilet, a fixed sink, and a shower or tub that runs both hot and cold water. If any of these plumbing appliances are not working, you will have to have them repaired before a section 8 tenant is able to move in. 
  • Functional Kitchen: The kitchen must have a sink with running hot and cold water, a microwave or oven, and a stovetop. The kitchen should also have a proper working refrigerator and ample food storage space. 
  • Security: Security is a must on a property rental. All doors and windows that can be accessed from the exterior of the property should have locks on the inside that are functioning properly. Bedroom doors are not required to have locks on them. 
  • Electricity: Every room has to have an adequate amount of natural or artificial lighting so that normal activity can take place during the later hours of the day. You may want to install overhead lights in every room to ensure that this is a given. 

Knowing what qualifications your rental property must meet, you can then determine whether or not renting to section 8 tenants is something that you are able to do. Contact a property management company like CNY Property Management to learn more.