Take The Aggravation Out Of Manufactured Home Skirting

When a manufactured home is not placed on a foundation, skirting is used to enclose the open area under the structure. Do you find yourself spending a lot of time fighting with the existing skirting on your manufactured home, or do you have a newly placed home that needs skirting?

Here, you will get a few installation tips that can help you eliminate the battle with the skirting and keep it looking and performing as it should:

Install a J-Channel

No matter what type of skirting you choose, installing a J-channel at the base of the home is a must. The J-channel will work to secure the skirting to the home and prevent it from coming loose at the top. The J-channel should be mounted to the side of the home roughly 4-inches from the bottom edge of the home. Be sure to mount the J-channel evenly around the home for a perfectly uniform look and optimum performance.

Install a Bottom Support

Start by hanging a plumb-bob from the corners of the home. Pound a wooden stake at each corner and use mason's string to connect the corners. This will give you an accurate perimeter to follow as you install the bottom support.

Use treated 2x4 lumber to build the bottom support. Follow the mason's string to lay the lumber on the ground. Use a shovel to dig out any uneven soil. Every 4 to 6 feet, pound wooden stakes behind the 2x4's to keep the boards from shifting.

On the outer side of the 2x4s, dig a small trench carefully. Fill the trench with pea gravel. The gravel will help to keep the lumber secure and promote optimum water drainage.

Note: Once the skirting has been put in place, apply an additional layer of pea gravel so that it covers the bottom inch of skirting. This will help prevent the skirting from shifting and coming loose.

Install Access Doors

You will need access to underneath your home, so be sure to install at least two access doors. Without access doors, you will have to remove sections of skirting to access the plumbing and wiring underneath the home. Not only can this be aggravating, but it can cause damage to the skirting and cause it to need replaced prematurely.

If you are unsure of your abilities to install your skirting properly, contact your local manufactured home sales and supply location. They will be able to advise you in buying the best products for the job and do the installation work for you. To learn more, contact a company like M & W Manufactured Home Sales with any questions you have.