3 Upgrades That Will Help Sell Your Home Quickly

If the market is flooded with homes for sale, it will be difficult to find an interested buyer to sell your home to. While you may not want to spend money to improve your home since you are moving out, making some improvements can help it sell quickly and for a higher asking price. Consider these 3 ways to upgrade your home.

Upgrade Your Major Appliances

One thing that is likely to scare off a potential buyer is if the appliances in the home are past their prime and ready to be replaced. It does not matter how well you maintained a furnace or air conditioner over the years, if it is very old, a buyer will see replacing it as another big purchase they have to make right after buying the home.

A furnace and air conditioner will last around 15 years on average, though their lifespan could be as long as 20 years on the high end. A water heater will list an average of 8-12 years. Even if these appliances are still going strong in their old age, consider replacing them anyway. These costs could be made up by selling the home at a higher price.

Upgrade The Flooring

Old and dirty carpet can leave a horrible first impression on a potential buyer, as it will be the very first thing they will see when they step into your home. If all you can put in your home is carpeting, consider getting brand new carpet throughout your entire home. The look of new carpeting will make a home look well cared for.

If you have original hardwood underneath your carpeting, refinish the wood to make your home look beautiful. Once you move out of the house, it will be the perfect time to refinish the hardwood since you won't need to move furniture to do it.

Upgrade The Garage Door

When a potential buyer pulls up to your home for the very first time, they are going to notice the garage door. A garage door that looks like it has seen better days could benefit from being replaced.

Garage door replacement will cost around $1,500, but you'll easily recoup 83.7% of that back when your home is sold. It can give your home the curb appeal you need to put it over the top with a buyer.

Doing these three home upgrades will easily make your home more marketable. Talk to your real estate agent for more tips.