Want To Allow Pets In Your Rental Homes? Follow These Tips

As a landlord, you probably want to make your rental units as appealing as possible for your prospective tenants. Many tenants may want to bring their pets along to live with them, but you could be concerned about property damage and other issues. Luckily, it isn't always a bad idea to allow pets in your rental homes. By following these tips, you can help make the process as painless as possible for both you and your tenants.

Charge a Pet Deposit and Pet Rent

There is more of a chance of your unit being damaged if pets live in the unit; for example, pets can relieve themselves on the floor, scratch walls and door casings and more. By charging a pet deposit along with the regular security deposit, you will have extra money to help you cover these damages. You can also charge a small monthly pet rent to help prevent you from having to cover the cost of these damages after the tenant moves out. Check with your state and local laws to learn more about the amount that you can charge for a pet deposit and for monthly pet rent.

Check With Your Insurance Company

As a responsible property owner, you probably have insurance coverage on your rental properties. Make sure that certain things are allowed with your insurer before allowing pets. For example, some insurance companies will not allow there to be vicious breeds of dogs in the home. Check your policy and make necessary changes to avoid problems in the future.

Pet-Proof the Home

If you are planning on allowing pets in your rental units, you may want to consider pet-proofing the home. For example, installing hard, durable flooring will make it easier to clean up pet messes after the tenant moves out and can save you a lot of trouble and money over installing carpet in the unit. Painting the walls with a semi-gloss paint will allow you to wipe away pet paw prints and other messes. By making these changes now, you can help save money on damages later. Plus, these changes can make your units more durable as a whole for other tenant problems, such as messy tenants or tenants who have small children.

Consider Hiring a Property Management Company

Property management companies are typically experienced in handling rental properties that allow pets. This means that they know how to properly screen both pets and tenants to help prevent damage to your property and to help prevent other problems, such as barking dogs and other issues. They can also handle matters such as pet deposits and pet rent for you, and they can make other aspects of being a landlord a whole lot easier. For more information, contact Reedy and Company or a similar organization.

Allowing pets in your rental units isn't a bad idea, but you do need to take a few extra steps to protect yourself. Luckily, following these tips can make the process go as smoothly as possible for both you and your tenants.