You Fall In Love With A Home At An Open House – Now What Do You Do?

You are planning to buy a house, and you and your spouse have decided to spend the weekend checking out neighborhoods. While driving around, you see some homes for sale. A few are holding open houses, so you stop and take a look. While looking you come upon one home that you fall in love with. What do you do now?

Remain Calm and Cool

When you are looking for a new house and find one you think may be it, the last thing you probably want to do is stay calm. However, if you are at an open house, you should keep your interest to yourself. Feel free to ask questions, pick up brochures and sales information, and thank the realtor that is hosting the open house.

Why stay calm and cool? The main reason for this is because the real estate agent at the open house works for the seller. As reputable a realtor they may be, their best interest lies with their client. Sure they would love to sell you the house, but you would be best served by having someone else represent you.

A second reason to remain cool is if there are others looking at the house, they may also be interested. You don't want them to act on it before you get a chance to. Pay attention to others in the home to see what they are seeing and saying.

Move Quickly

If you have a realtor, go outside and give them a call. If you don't have a realtor, now's the time to get one. Most real estate agents work on the weekend, you shouldn't have any trouble getting one on the phone.

Ask if the realtor is familiar with the house. If they work in the area, they probably are and can give you valuable information such as:

  • How long it's been on the market?
  • Have there been offers in the past?
  • Are there any known problems with the house or neighborhood?

If your realtor feels there is a need for them to meet you at the house, they will. If not, have them set up an appointment to view it with you very soon. It may be best to go back another day. You will have had a chance to think about the house and compose a list of questions. Viewing the house without other potential buyers and the selling agent present gives you an opportunity to get excited while talking about the home's potential and how it suits you and your family.

For more tips on looking for a house, contact a local real estate company, like Chris Calhoon Real Estate.