Is A Bio-metric Gun Safe Worth It?

If you are concerned about the level of security provided by your current gun safe -- or simply want a way to make your firearm more accessible on short notice -- you may be considering safes that incorporate new technology. The most popular recent innovation in gun safes is a bio-metric reading device, or fingerprint detector. But what happens if the fingerprint detector stops working? Are these safes actually more risky than combination or key safes?

Read on to learn more about bio-metric gun safes and whether one of these safes is right for your lifestyle:

How does a bio-metric gun safe work?

The majority of gun safes operate either through a key or a combination lock. When the key is turned or the correct combination is inputted, small tumblers hit the latch, forcing the safe door open. Bio-metric gun safes have a small fingerprint reading device instead. To open the safe, you simply place your fingertip on the reading device for a few seconds and wait for the lock to click open.

What if the fingerprint reader malfunctions?

Many consumers are understandably worried about the consistent ability of a bio-metric safe to open on a moment's notice. Because the fingerprint reading device operates on battery power, if the batteries go dead, the safe may be inaccessible. And any electronic device carries with it the risk of malfunction or failure, albeit a small risk.

However, most bio-metric safes have a backup key lock, so you should be able to gain access to your safe in any situation. These safes should also give you plenty of warning before the batteries need to be replaced -- and because these readers use very little power, your batteries should last for a remarkably long time.

What are the advantages of a bio-metric gun safe?

One of the biggest advantages of this type of safe is the ability to access your firearm in the dark, without the need to fumble with a key or combination tumbler. This is the perfect solution when easy access to a gun is deemed necessary, but you have young children in the house and must keep your firearms secured at all times.

Another advantage of a bio-metric safe is the ability to program as many (or as few) users as possible. Most gun safes allow you to program a relatively large number of fingerprints into its computer system, but these fingerprints can also be deleted at a moment's notice.