4 Good Reasons To Use Self Storage

Putting your belongings in a self storage unit isn't the perfect answer for all your clutter woes. Enough people try this method and give up to have actually created an industry and television series. Storage units have their place, and can be useful in certain circumstances. In other times, paying for someplace to pack away your property can be a waste of money. Here are some of the more logical reasons to pay for using a self storage unit.

You're Being Deployed

If you're single and being deployed overseas in the military, if you're gong into the Peace Corps, or if you've secured any other type of temporary employment that might take you away from home for months or years, it makes sense to store your things in a self storage unit. Keeping an apartment at home is an expensive option when you're overseas, so you'll save money simply packing up your goods and storing them away.

You're in Between Housing

Real estate deals are rarely perfect. If you've finally sold your home at the perfect offer, it's entirely possible that you haven't closed on your new house yet, or haven't even found a new place to live. While staying in long term hotels can solve your living problem, self storage units are a temporary answer to getting your stuff out of your old home.

You're Combining Two Households

When two adults marry or move in together, it's likely that each of them has an entire house full of belongings. Storage units can be a useful temporary spot to store items while you compromise and decide which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. Just set a deadline so you don't end up paying for a unit indefinitely for items you'll never use.

You Have a Seasonal Business

Whether you're into surfboard rentals, seasonal crafts, or any other type of business that's only useful for part of the year, you may not have room in your home to store your business the rest of the year. It makes sense to store your business supplies so you're stocked and ready to go the next time your season comes around.

You Have Too Much Stuff

This may be the most popular reason why people rent self storage units, and it's the worst reason there is. Unless you have an entire storage unit's worth of seasonal sports gear and no garage in which to store it, having enough belongings that you need to rent space for storage is a sign that you're holding onto items simply to have them. If you don't use something within a year, it should be donated to charity. Go through your belongings and decide what you need vs. what you want, and store those things that are left over after you are done.