The Benefits Of Choosing Reusable Plastic Containers Over Cardboard Boxes For Your Move

If you are planning to move in the near future, now is the time to start thinking about how you will pack all of your belongings for the big day. While most people traditionally rely on cardboard boxes to get the job done, the use of reusable plastic containers is quickly growing in popularity. This is because, in addition to being environmentally friendly, these reusable containers are able to offer many impressive benefits. By taking the time to review these benefits outlined below, you will be able to determine for yourself whether or not reusable bins are right for your move as well.

Benefit #1: Able To Hold More Weight

Even the highest quality cardboard boxes will only be able to hold a very limited amount of weight without breaking. In many cases, this weight limit will prevent you from utilizing all of the space that is available inside of your boxes. For instance, when packing heavy books, you may only be able to fill the box half way before the weight of these books will become too much for the cardboard to support. Not only will this increase the number of boxes that you are required to pack, but it can also increase your out-of-pocket expenses if you are planning to buy your boxes from a local moving company.

When choosing reusable plastic bins overs cardboard boxes, you will be able to easily pack larger and heavier items. Thanks to the durability of these bins, you will not need to worry about how much your items weigh when packing your containers.

Benefit #2: More Affordable Than Cardboard

While many eco-friendly moving companies are now offering individuals the ability to rent plastic storage containers, it is still necessary to purchase cardboard moving boxes outright. Despite the fact that your cardboard boxes are likely to be used once and thrown away, the cost that accompanies these boxes can easily add up. When you compare this cost to the cost of renting the reusable containers that you need, you will often find that renting plastic containers is actually the more affordable option.

To add to the cost efficiency of using plastic moving bins, many moving companies will offer free delivery and pick up of any rented bins. Not only will this free service save you the time it takes to go around collecting cardboard boxes, but it will also allow you to avoid any disposal fees that may be associated with disposing of a large number of cardboard boxes once your move is complete.

Benefit #3: Makes Stacking Easier And Safer

Cardboard boxes will often vary in size and shape. Consequently, stacking your moving boxes can result in an unstable and unsafe tower that threatens to collapse at any moment. These unstable towers of boxes can also be nearly impossible for your local moving company to safely stack on a dolly and load onto the moving truck.

Thanks to the uniform size and shape of reusable plastic moving containers, you will never need to worry about your ability to safely stack these containers within your home or on the moving truck. Not only will this help to ensure everyone's safety on moving day, but it can also make the process of loading your moving truck much faster and easier.