Baby Vomit And Stains ~ Protect Your Furniture With These Tips

Do you have a baby? If so, you likely have many moments of joy, and your baby likely blows the most beautiful spit bubbles, but your child might also vomit regularly. This can happen due to milk intolerance, acid reflux, or a viral or bacterial illness. Perhaps your child has vomited on your couch or other furniture. This may leave lingering smells of sour milk in the air in your home, and it might also cause unsanitary conditions if the remnants of the vomit are allowed to sit on furniture or get between crevices. 


The most important thing you can do if your baby soils your furniture is promptly clean up the mess. Even if you plan to get professional cleaning services, cleaning the residue away will mean that the waste is not allowed to air dry. Certain types of fabric might get damaged if vomit and similar human waste are left on them too long or air dried onto them. If you feel as though the material of your furniture is sensitive, at a minimum you should gently wipe away the waste. If the material can withstand water, use a damp cloth to spot clean the area.

Do-It-Yourself Fabric Cleaning

If your furniture is made of a universal type of material, it may mean that you can use your own quick cleaning solution to eliminate odors and also neutralize contaminants. Vinegar and mild dish detergents are good choices for this type of cleaning. They can remove harmful pathogens such as bacteria or mold. You can combine water and vinegar to the soiled area using a spray bottle or cloth. You can use a brush or cloth to gently exfoliate particles that may have dried into the fabric. Ensure that you saturate the stain beyond the surface. If you spot-clean only, stagnant smells from the soiled area might remain. Rinse the area with a wet rag, and towel blot it to speed up the drying process. 

Do-It-Yourself Odor Control

If possible, turn on a fan in the area where you have cleaned furniture to expedite the drying process. There may still be some sour smells left behind by the vomit or moisture in the furniture. These can be eradicated or reduced by sprinkling baking soda on cleaned fabric areas, which will act as an odor neutralizer. 

Perhaps you have just started to notice an odor coming from your furniture, and you did not know these proactive cleaning suggestions. You will likely need to use an upholstery cleaner like Atlantic Carpet Care as a resource to get your furniture thoroughly cleaned. They can also recommend other ways to protect your furniture, such as investing in protective furniture covers.